Next Regional Meeting May 17, 2014. Hosted by San Bernardino Cave and Technical Rescue.

California Region Calendar

Note: All event dates are subject to change or cancellation. Please check with the event sponsor for latest information.

If your team is having an upcoming event that is of interested to the region or have an upcoming training that is open to members from other teams to observe or participate please send the information to the webmaster to be added to the calendar.

Region Calendar

Saturday, May 17th

  1. Region Meeting
    • Calendar: CRMRA
    • Start time: 10:00am
    • Hosted by San Bernardino Cave and Technical Rescue

Tuesday, June 3rd

  1. MRA Pre-Conference
    • Calendar: CRMRA

Thursday, June 5th

  1. MRA Conf
    • Calendar: CRMRA

Saturday, July 19th

  1. Santa Clara Search and Tracking Accreditation
    • Calendar: CRMRA

Friday, September 5th

  1. SAREX 2014
    • Calendar: CRMRA